Tribute To Twin Peaks

by Low Entropy

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Tribute To Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks impressed me when i watched it the first time, and it still does, as does the other work of David Lynch, one of the few true geniuses of our time.
it felt always just *wrong* to me that twin peaks ended on that kind of cliffhanger that it did. one of the big "missing, unfinished things" in our culture. so i was really excited when i heard that Lynch and Frost decided to fill this gap, and took the chance to continue the mystery of Twin Peaks, like it should be done.
this is a tribute to twin peaks, the series, the music, the characters, the quirks and errors and freaky little things and everything that made twin peaks such an enjoyable and thrilling experience.

The Boy That Dreamed The World Would End

one evening when i was 9 year old, my best friend and his parents came over. mine and his parents were on the balcony, we were inside, it was already dark outside. we wanted to listen to some music, i was fan of twin peaks and the music, so i took the Twin Peaks soundtrack vinyl from my brothers record collection and put it on. after a while of listening, my friend suddenly fell asleep. when he woke up, he was in terror, and said he dreamed a large, unstoppable tidal wave came in the darkness and destroyed the whole of the world. while the music of Angelo Badalamenti was playing. he was frightened for minutes after.
this real story always kinda stuck with me, and for me it is an example of the impact the right music can have on a human, and how it can induce dreams, or nightmares, and everything in between.


released July 26, 2016



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Low Entropy Hamburg, Germany

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