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by Low Entropy

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Cyberspace was amongst the first dozen tracks or so i made when i started creating music at the age of 16. it was also the most complex track i ever made. i worked 6 months on it. always adding patterns, re-editing, changing it slightly, till i liked what i heard. never again did i use so many sounds in one single tracks. never again did i try to come up with such many different structures and patterns.
for a long time, it was also the longest track i did. clocking at 14 minutes, it was also one of the longest tracks emerging out of the experimental hardcore scene in the 90s (i started the track in 1997 and finished it in 1998). so i had this track finished, eventually. but i didn't see really a way to release it; it didn't fit much to the labels i send demos too; also at 14 minutes it was a bit long to see a vinyl release. the first time it actually got "released" in a way was when stevvi of put my demo-CDr online which has gotten quite (in)famous since then. the next was a release on a CDr compilation by Appareil.
and finally, it found it's way to vinyl, on my album for Widerstand Records.
yet, this was always re-edited versions of this track; cut much shorter. the Widerstand one was the longest, clocking at 7 minutes.
somewhen after 2010, i recovered one of the original mixdown of this track, in its 14 minutes length, and put it on soundcloud. this was the first time anyone except my closest circle of friends could hear this track fully, more than 12 years after i created it.
i later included it on my release "Unreleased Tracks Part 3".
yet i thought it might be time for a re-release. so i created a 2014 remix with the knowledge and sound tricks i know now, aswell as two other new mixes, and also included different versions of the original tracks, aswell as an unfinished (aborted) attempt at a sequel to this track (also remastered).
maybe this track is way too old now to be enjoyed by now. but maybe also some people might find it interesting.
here you go!


released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Low Entropy Hamburg, Germany

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